Density meter

The density meter EDM from SCHMIDT + HAENSCH sets new standards in the density determination of liquids in terms of performance and price.

According to the proven oscillating U-tube principle and the well-known SCHMIDT + HAENSCH quality, it delivers measuring results with the highest precision.

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH is the world’s only manufacturer to offer a replaceable and pre-calibrated measuring cell.


Each device is subjected to intensive testing during the production process to ensure a long service life and high-precision measurement results.

The EDM can be operated as a stand-alone device or in combination with a large color TFT touch screen, which also offers the possibility to communicate with other modern peripherals.

As a result, the density meters have a high degree of modularity and can be combined with many other SCHMIDT + HAENSCH products, such as laboratory refractometers.

The density meter EDM is used, for example, in the following sectors: pharmaceuticals, chemistry, medicine, biotechnology, petroleum, education, research and environment.