The VariFamily – Connectivity for intelligent Labs

The Vari-Family takes the proven SCHMIDT + HAENSCH technology to a new level combining it with a true modular system,
next generation user friendliness and an unknown level of connectivity.

The modular system gives a new budgetary freedom. Order exactly what you need, when you need it!
Over twenty modules for each instrument offer customized solutions that exactly fit your application. You can order the configuration
that you need and nothing more. When your requirements change, we can add a new feature. At any point of the
service life new modules can be added to the instruments.
Market requirements and regulations are ever changing. SCHMIDT + HAENSCH is constantly developing new features to keep
up with the changing environments. With the Vari-Concept any Vari-Instrument can be upgraded with newly developed
features, in order for your laboratory to always be state of the art.

Our motto: “Use it like a smart phone”. The new intuitive interface brings you in three clicks to all important functions. The
capacitive touch display gives you the same touch and feel as your phone.
When you are working in challenging or hazardous conditions, display and measurement unit can be separated to ensure a
safe sample handling and measurement.
Each instrument allows up to ten years data storage. Besides a detailed audit trail, each instrument is 21 CFR Part 11 ready.
The measurement data can be statistically analysed in real time or up to ten years back.
Other examples of color measurement is the control of specific enzymatic reaction or extracts.

The new VariPol design has nearly half the size of our earlier models packed
with new features and highly integrated hardware. The 100mm sample room
is optimal for the needs of pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories.
Wavelength modules can be exchanged to allow a flexible operation. The
VariPol makes polarimetry faster than ever. The new integrated peltier system
can change 10°C in 30 seconds to highest precision. After stabilisation of the
temperature the measurement itself takes only 6 seconds. With the AWC we offer
the automatic calibration of the wavelength. This real physical calibration
allows precise measurements for all your different samples.

The VariRef takes the proven SCHMIDT + HAENSCH technology to a new level
combining it with new innovations and all advantages of the Vari-Family.
The new double isolated peltier system allows fastest and precise temperature
control. The newly developed ATC (Ambient T-Control) takes temperature
variations of the ambience of the instrument into account as well.
The VariRef possesses the well-established easy to clean sample room.
When dealing with sticky, hard to clean or hazardous materials we offer you special
cover versions to ensure proper sampling. The LED light source and the selfchecking
capabilities result in a virtually maintenance free product life.

The VariDens is a rugged, sealed single-piece system with the flexibility to handle nearly any customer request for such instrumentation.

Made in Germany with the worldwide known SCHMIDT + HAENSCH quality where all parts are under extreme stress tested and prepared for a long life and durable operation.

Multiple reference alcohol tables, precision density resolution, USB and Ethernet, Serial output and a wide range of accessories solve the most challenging applications. The Density meter offers an optional moisture and Air pressure sensor and most accurate temperature control programs provide the extended usage also in difficult environment conditions. An intuitive user friendly software and the large Color-TFT Touchscreen reduce the setup times for protocols and adds powerful trouble-shooting capabilities. Common accessories and robust exchangeable fittings reduce installation expense and saves times to evaluate 3rd party products.

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