Optimize the dosage of additives in the mixture of milk based products

During the production of milk products and milk based products in the dairy it is necessary to measure the concentration of the added flavours (mostly additives are fruit, cacao, coffee etc.). For efficient production the dosage of these additives has to be controlled. The exact online monitoring of the concentration with the help of an inline process refractometer can be used to reduce dosage errors. Due to this, the amount of wasted products can be reduced and quality standards can be increased. The concentration of the additives can be measured with the Schmidt+Haensch iPR in-line refractometers displaying the actual Brix value of the mixed product (e.g. fruit yogurt) The instrument can be mounted after the dosage machine and before the filling machine for control and adjustment of the dosage and also monitoring the changes of batches. Depending on the additive characteristics ultrasonic prism cleaning could be necessary.

Monitoring fat as dry matter 

The fat content in dairy products is expressed as the product’s percentage of fat in dry matter (FDM). The measurement of refractive index is a good method for monitoring the fat content. Schmidt + Haensch’s refractometer is the ideal instrument for those measurements, ensuring a consistent fat content in a variety of different dairy products.

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