EBC Color number

EBC Color number

Beer and wort color measurement 

The European Brewery Convention is an organization representing the technical and scientific interests of the brewing sector in Europe. The EBC measures beer and wort color, as well as quantifying turbidity (also known as haze) in beer. The color is an important parameter to monitor the quality of beer and wort during the brewing procedure. EBC and beer color can be tested easily and reliably with the Schmidt + Haensch Coloromat 100. For physical color determination of beer samples, the light absorption is detected at 430 nm by a Photometer. The EBC number represents a single point in the absorption spectrum of beer. The hue of a beer can be described as a gradient of yellow and brown tones ranging from golden yellow and light yellow to red, copper and dark brown to black. The measurement of beer color, wort color and wine color with the Schmidt + Haensch Coloromat 100 is simple and gives reliable results to ensure a consistent quality.

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