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Gasoline/ Kerosene/ Diesel

Mesasurement of fuels: How to avoid the contamination of fuels in refineries?

Refined fuels are distributed from the refinery to individual product tanks through the same pipeline. The fuels are separated at the discharge point into the product tanks. It is important to distinguish which fuel is being transmitted through the pipeline to avoid unwanted mixing with fuel contained in the product tank; contamination of the products can be very costly. With accurate and reliable interface detection it can be ensured that the correct product reaches the proper tank

How to avoid the contamination of fuels in the refineries?

Operations personnel at the refinery or pipeline are responsible for the identification of the transmitted product at the interface between tanks. Typically, this identification is carried out visually. The visual indication is sometimes enhanced by using markers such as dyes or by the color variation. This process requires an operator, and the switch can be inefficient. The time required to pass the interface is very short, and the exact time depends on the flow rate. The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH Process Refractometer iPR EX provides a reliable inline and real-time identification of the interface. As pipeline pressure can exceed 140 bar, the iPR EX Process Refractometer can be mounted in a slip stream if the pipeline pressure is too high. The application requires the EX-proof approved intrinsically safe sensor. Sensor material, 316L SS, can be used in this application. No wash system is recommended.

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