Ethylene Glycol Sensor

This in-line sensor iCS is a small and easy to install concentration sensor for measuring antifreeze concentration, namely ethylene glycol. But the sensor can be easily adapted to your specific product . It provides consistently reliable measurements and low maintenance efforts.


  • Compact and light size, easily fitting for tight conditions
  • Simple, flexible, and uncompromising integration into your process
  • Technically easy to implement and low-cost integration as well as maintenance
  • Longstanding, proven technology especially effective for monitoring ethylene gylcol concentration

Easy to Use


Especially designed to monitor the concentration of antifreeze ethylene glycol.

Fully compliant with European Safety Standards.

Product in depth


General specifications

Measuring scales Ethylen Glycol (EG) Scale %
Measuring range 0 – 55 %
Resolution 0.1 %
Accuracy ± 0.3 % at 10-30 °C and within EG range of 0-5%

2 % at 0-50 °C and within EG range of 0-55 %

Operating temperature – 10… +50 °C
Process pressure max. 4 bar
Interface RS485 Modbus
Dimension 45 mm x Ø 40 mm
Weight approx 250 g



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