Oechsle scale

Measure the density of grape must

The Oechsle scale is used to measure the density of grape must, which indicates the grape ripeness and sugar content used for wine production. One degree Oechsle (° Oe) corresponds to the difference of density between the must and water at 20°C. Thus a must with a density of 1036 grams per litre has 36° Oe. The scale is used to to predict the alcohol content of the wine which depends on the sugar content of the must. In general, a refractometer is used to determine the density of the must. The refractometer measures the index of refraction which correlates to the degree of Oechsle. The Schmidt + Haensch iPR-C, iPR-BR, ATR-BR as well as the ATR-P are suitable for an fast, easy and precise determination of those pararmeters.

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