Sample compartment cover

Refractometer sample room lids

  • Large sample volumes flow-through
  • Water circulation
  • Attachable to the SCHMIDT + HAENSCH peristaltic pump
  • Reliable automatic measurement adapter

ID-N° in specifications below 


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Additional complete special sample chamber covers for SCHMIDT + HAENSCH ATR-P models allow for large sample volumes flow-through with funnel and rinser, connections for water circulation, or flow-through for automatic measurements using a pump.

ID-N° in specifications below 


REF 6Flow through compartment door (large sample volumes) for manual measurements with funnel and riser
ID-N° 05804
REF 8like REF 6, with connections for water circulationID-N° 05805
REF 7Flow through compartment door (large sample volumes) for automatic measurements via pumpID-N° 10298
REF 9like REF 7, with connections for water circulation
ID-N° 10299


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