Jam and cooking process control

Jam and cooking process control

Jam/Marmalade Measurement

Realize an efficient quality control and automatized process in the production using Schmidt + Haensch inline process refractometers. The food industry requires accurate setpoints of crucial product components, including fruits and sugar, for example in jam and marmalade production. To obtain a constant analysis of the concentration of product components, online concentration measurement can be used in jam cooking pans. By using these systems, customers can save time, reduce overall production costs, and minimize sugar quantities. Traditionally, jam and marmalade are produced in batches. The composites are measured outside of the cooking pan with a lab refractometer. However, with the automation of agriculture and continuous online measurements, jam and marmalade production methods have evolved.

Measure dry matter content of a substance

The dry matter content of a substance primarily expresses its sugar content. For example, jam needs to have at least 55 percent sugar content – otherwise it is called a “fruit spread”. With the Schmidt + Haensch inline refractometer you can control the sugar content during the production process – without any loss of product. It detects even slightest changes of the sugar concentration during the cooking process and integrates seamlessly into your production.

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