Optical material dispersion/ Birefringence

Optical material dispersion/ Birefringence

Monitor the quality of glasses and polymers for lens production

The measurement of birefringence and dispersion of directional (anisotropic) solidsis useful if the materials should be used in the whole spectral range and in different directions.This term is used in the field of optics to describe the phenomenon in which the refractive index of a material varies with different wavelengths or frequencies of light. The determination of the optical dispersion is mainly used to characterize and monitor the quality of glasses and polymers used in lens production. The refractive index can be measured with all Schmidt + Haensch process refractometers and laboratory refractometers. Material dispersion can also be determined by multi-wavelength measurements with all Schmidt + Haensch polarimeters and the Schmidt + Haensch multi-wavelength refractometer ATR-L.The Schmidt + Haensch ATR-L allows the simple and automatic measurement of birefringence and dispersion. It measures at 7 wavelengths over the full visible range.

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