Waxes in lipstick

Waxes in lipstick

Measure wax content for lipstick production

Lipsticks contain a variety of waxes, oils, pigments, and emollients. Among the waxes are beeswax, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, etc. The waxes in lipsticks are responsible for ease of application and for holding pigments in place. However, the main purpose of wax is to give the lipstick shape stability since it should not melt on the lips. A lipstick contains 10 to 15% waxes which increases its melting point to approx. 65 – 85 °C. SCHMIDT + HAENSCH refractometers check the constant composition of lipstick ingredients by reading the refractive index. This method for production laboratories is highly accurate and ensures a consistent quality.

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