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Celite filter aid

Clarcel CBL or Filter Cel

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH certified diatomaceous earth filter aid. Filter Cel (grey) and Clarcel CBL/CBL3 (grey or pink), is exploited in open-cast mines in France and USA (White Hills of Lompoc, California) and is intended to be used only as a filter aid for the processing of sugar cane/sugar beet juices to gain analyzing samples for the determination of sugar content by polarimetric measurement at 589/882nm in our Polartronic and Saccharomat models.

ID-N°08961 – Celite 512

ID-N°08957 – Filter Cel


  • Certified diatomaceous earth filter aid
  • Suitable as filter aid for sugar cane and beet sugar juices
  • Compliant with ICUMSA standards
  • Used with Polartronic and Saccharomat models



diamotaceous earth, diatomite

Chemical formula


Physical properties 

Density g/cm3: 1.98-2.5, Loss on ignition, 0.1-5%, water solubility 0.1-1%

Optical properties

Refractive index: 1.42-1.48, Brightness 70-90  


white, off white, grey, buff, pink


85% (void space), pore size – 1.5-22um (in filter aids), particle size: 3.7-24.6um 

Hegmann fineness


Oil absorption

105-220 g/100g

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