DHR - Handheld refractometer by S+H


Handheld Refractometer

This handheld digital refractometer DHR by SCHMIDT + HAENSCH allows for rapid, on-site measurements of liquid substances with high or low viscosity.

The full view of the LCD screen of the DHR displays reliable results with high precision (five digits) in 2 seconds. SCHMIDT + HAENSCH’s DHR can be used in agriculture, e.g. to determine the point of harvest, or in the automotive industry, e.g. to analyze antifreeze.


  • Ideal refractometer for fast, on-site analysis
  • Specific scales for many applications
  • 5-digit LCD display
  • Measurement results in fewer than 2 s
DHR_easy to use

Easy to Use

The sample is placed on a level surface and measurement results are returned within seconds. For example, with a hand refractometer it is quite simple to determine the point of harvest by measuring the sugar content in apples. A volume of 0.1 ml fruit juice is already sufficient for evaluation.

The Brix scale is temperature compensated within +5 to 70 °C. Further scales are available upon request.


Handheld refractometers are most used in agriculture for point of harvest determination, as well as in the food and beverage industry.

DHR models are available with two refractometer scales that can be used to analyze such materials as honey, wine, saline, glycol, and antifreezer.

Product in depth

DHR by SCHMIDT + HAENSCH is a handheld refractometer which is CE certified and IP65 dustproof and water resistant. It comes with a well-designed case that will keep your handheld refractometer safe.

Digital handheld refractometer with 5-digit LCD screen that shows results in fewer than 2 seconds. Measurement of liquid media with low to high viscosity possible. Handy design and easy operation, and reliable automatic temperature compensated Brix value within +5 to 70 °C.

A wide variety of models are available for to analyze such materials as honey, wine, saline, glycol, or antifreezer. For detailed information please refer to the technical data. Further scales are available upon request.


CalibrationDistilled Water
Prism MaterialOptical Glass
Sample Temperature5 – 60 °C
Ambient Temperature5 – 40 °C
Automatic Temperature Correction5 – 70 °C for 0 – 80 Brix
Dimensions (LxWxD)115 x 54 x 30 mm
Weight85 g (without batteries fitted)
Power2 x AAA batteries
Ratings & ComplianceIP65 Dustproof/Water Resistant, CE, RoHS


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