Purity Analyser

Purity Analyser

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  • Coupling of polarimeter + refractometer
  • Automatic purity calculation
  • No external PC is needed
  • ICUMSA compliant calculation
  • Independent use of each single instrument
Purity analyser

The new purity analyser system of SCHMIDT + HAENSCH is a follow-up development of the previously existing Purity Analyser. It combines all advantages of the integrated new polarimeter and refractometer.

The modular system of the instrument lines of SCHMIDT + HAENSCH enables you to design an automatic laboratory analyser to automatically calculate the purity in cane sugar mills or beet sugar plants. The customer can make his choose to use a polarimeter with touch screen or alternatively with LCD display.

The purity analysis is applicable from the reception lab to the quality control of the final product. The configuration of the purity system is flexible and can be combined with all instruments from SCHMIDT + HAENSCH. The simplest and most accurate configuration is the direct combination of a refractometer measuring head ATR-P with a Saccharomat or Polartronic M 100 series. Here, only a printer is needed to get a print out of the single values of each instrument and of the calculated purity.

With the use of the sample tube with integrated temperature sensor, the pol-measurement is temperature compensated and the instrument detects the tube type. This configuration is a stand-alone automatic purity analyser without the need of a personal computer.

Of course the user can use two separate instruments and can calculate the purity of the sample with a SCHMIDT + HAENSCH own software program on PC.

For measurement of dark samples without clarification we recommend to use a NIR polarimeter and our automatic filtration unit Autofilt / Autofilt Z for sample preparation.

A) Direct coupling Polarimeter – Refractometer

Calculation and dispay -> Polarimeter, no external PC required


Saccharimeter Saccharomat  (Model: 103 / 101 / 202)
Saccharimeter Polartronic M (Model: 100 / 101 / 202)

Refractometer – Measuring head:


B) Polarimeter and Refractometer stand-alone instruments

Using external PC for purity calculation


Saccharimeter Saccharomat (Model: 103 / 101 / 202)
Saccharimeter Polartronic M (Model: 100 / 101 / 202)



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