iPR B3

Inline Brix Refractometer

The iPR comes with a measuring range of up to 90% Brix (refractive index 1.5200). It is suitable for almost all applications in food production and pharmaceutical industries, but it can also be used for many processes in mechanical and automotive engineering, and in chemical appliances.

ID-N° 12609 VariVent connection 

ID-N° 12612 TriClamp connection 

ID-N° 12613 APV connection 



  • Highly flexible and easy to use
  • Competitive price/performance ratio
  • Two analog and two digital interfaces
  • Full, simple, flexible, and uncompromising integration into your process
  • Technically easy to implement
  • Maintenance free, minimal maintenance costs
  • Proven for years in a wide variety of applications

Easy to Use

The special design and electronic equipment make the iPR highly flexible and easy to use. The iPR-B is equipped with two switch outputs to run, for example, a connected valve (max. 1A, 24 DC) or relay. With this feature is it also possible to control the cleaning of the measuring prism via a magnetic valve.

The iPR-B measuring head can be installed in pipes, reactors, vessels, and mixing tanks, using different weld-in flanges. Our preferred joint system is VariVent. It allows easy installation through a plug-in clamping method. Some processes may require cleaning of the sensor face. SCHMIDT + HAENSCH offers an optional cleaning nozzle or a specially designed ultrasonic cleaning device.


For determination of mixing ratio, the SCHMIDT + HAENSCH Brix refractometer can be applied in the sugar and agricultural industry,  in the production of cane and beet sugar, molasses, or in biomass material characterization. These parameters are equally applied for measurements within the food and beverage industry, e.g. production of marmalade, fruit juice, and lemonade and more.

Liquid identification and distinction of materials for interfacing purposes is easily made possible with SCHMIDT + HAENSCH’s iPR-B.

Product in depth

The sophisticated design of the stainless-steel housing of the sensor is equipped with a blue anodized air cooling jacket. This cooling jacket protects the electronic components from overheating in process temperatures up to 90 °C (194 °F). CIP cleaning at the prescribed temperatures is possible when the instrument is switched off.

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH offers customized scales in addition to known standard scales such as Brix, Oechsle, ethylene glycol, sodium chloride, urea, etc.




User scalesFour scales temperature compensated (e.g. Brix, Oechsel, H2O2)
Measuring range refractive index1.3200 – 1.5200 RI
Resolution refractive index0.00001 RI
Measuring range Brix0 – 90 Brix (automatic temperature correction 10 °C – 50 °C)
Resolution Brix0.01 Brix
Precision refractive index / Brix+/- 0.00014 RI/ +/- 0.1 Brix
Temperature precision+/- 0.2°C
Temperature resolution+/- 0.01°C
Process temperature– 10 °C to + 90° C
Ambient temperature-10 °C to + 50 °C
Process contact materialsapphire; stainless steel, optional: PTFE
Max. pressure10 bar (1 MPa)
Power supply24 V DC < 75 mA (20 V – 28 V)
Light source589 nm LED
Analog data output2 x 4 – active output

Burden [500 Ω]

Digital outputTwo digital limit switches (up to 1 A). One serial communication via RS232, RS422 (switchable) or USB
DisplayAs an accessory: can be used next to the iPR or several metres away
SoftwareConfiguration program for: serial output, analogue output, monitoring of measured values and saving
Process connectionoptional: VariVent-Inline (Tuchenhagen) or APV-Inline (APV)
Other optionsPrism cleaning unit
Dimension256.6 mm x 136 mm ( length x diameter)
Weight3790 g




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