AutoFilt Z without clarifying agent

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  • Automatic pressure filtration for the sugar lab
  • Automatically adjusted to sample characteristics
  • New: up to 200 ml filtrate from 300 ml unfiltered solution
  • Environment-friendly measuring technique
  • Fast, reliable sample preparation
AutoFilt Z without clarifying agent

The new fully automatic operation filtration unit AutoFilt Z without clarifying agent is the continuous development of the well known semi-automatic “AutoFilt“. The basic product “AutoFilt“ is issued 10 years ago and had convinced many customers.

Filtration units are a necessary and useful complement to the SCHMIDT + HAENSCH NIR polarimeters, since they help to avoid environmentally hazardous clarification chemicals for highly colored samples with a large amount of solids and shorten filtration times drastically.


  • Easy handling
  • Processor based system for discarding pre- and postfiltrate
  • High quality filtrates independent from sample viscosity and turbidity
  • Constant sample volume by conductivity sensors
  • Detection and reporting (by LED) of error conditions
  • Filter aid recommendable
How to use



Filtration pressure adjustable max. 5 Bar
0.5 MPa
Probe volume approx. 250 ml
Sample volume 50 ml sensor controlled

Environmental condition

Temperature +10 - +40 °C


Power Supply 100 - 240 VAC
47 - 63 Hz
40 W
Pressurized air max. 10 bar - 1,0 Mpa
oil free
Pressurized air tube Ø outer 6 mm
Waste water tube Ø inward 16 mm

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