Color - APHA/ Saybolt/ EBC/ Tristimulus

Color - APHA/ Saybolt/ EBC/ Tristimulus

Measuring a liquid’s color 

The color measurement of a liquid is the evaluation of that liquid’s color properties. There are many examples where it is used to check a material’s quality. There is the APHA color scale sometimes referred to as a “yellowness index” that is used to assess the quality of liquids that are clear to yellowish in color. The Saybolt color test is often used to determine if a fuel contains contaminants or has degraded during storage. The EBC scale for measuring beer and wort colour, as well as EBC units for quantifying turbidity in beer. The Tristimulus system, which is visually matching a color under standardized conditions against red, green and blue. All those parameters can be fast and easily determined by the Schmidt + Haensch Coloromat.

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