Density meter

Density meter EDM 4000+

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  • Precise and fast measurement
  • Integrated reference oscillator
  • High-precision temperature measurement
  • Automatic detection of gas bubbles

Density meter EDM 4000+

Now with higher accuracy and reproducibility of 0.0001 g/cm³!

The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH EDM Density Meter is designed for continuous density measurement in a broad range of application.

EDM is a rugged, sealed single-piece system with the flexibility to handle nearly any customer request for such instrumentation.

It gets manufactured with the worldwide known SCHMIDT + HAENSCH quality in Germany where all parts are under extreme stress tested and prepared for a long life and durability operations.

Laboratory density meter

Multiple reference alcohol tables, precision density resolution, USB and Ethernet, Serial output and a wide selectable accessories that will solve the most challenging application. The Density meter offers an optional moisture and Air pressure sensor and most accurate temperature control programs provide the extended usage also in difficult environment conditions. An intuitive user friendly Software and the large Color-TFT Touchscreen interface reduces the setup times for protocols and adds powerful trouble-shooting capabilities. Common accessories and robust exchangeable fittings reduce installation expense and saves times to evaluate 3rd party products.

The EDM can be combined with other SCHMIDT + HAENSCH laboratory instruments, such Refractometers, which allow this instrument to be used also for complex analyses. This unique modular capability combined with advanced interior design sets a new standard for density measurement instruments.

The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH EDM insures for you a consistent manufacturing process and allows tighter tolerances on the results, reducing costs and increase the quality approvals. For performance and quality choose the SCHMIDT + HAENSCH EDM.


Measuring range

Density0 - 3 g/cm³
Temperature5 - 95 °C (Peltier temperature control)
Pressure0 - 10 Bar (0 - 145 psi)
Dimensions320 x 235 x 218 mm
Weight9,1 kg


Resolution0,0001 g/cm³
Precision± 0,0001 g/cm³
Repeatability± 0,0001 g/cm³


Resolution0,01 °C
Accuracy± 0,05 °C
Repeatability± 0,02 °C

Additional information

Measuring time< 10 sec.
Sample volumeapprox. 1.5 ml
FillingBy injection
Bubble detectionAutomatic (combined visual – electronic)
DisplayResistive 3.5" color TFT touchscreen
InterfacesSuH-Connector / Serial RS232
L-Display electronic unitoptional

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