Sugar Factory Automation


Factory Automation

To support the proper and long-lasting use of our refractometers, SCHMIDT + HAENSCH offers a wide range of accessories. This includes sample room covers for different temperature, volume handling or flow-through requirements and reference materials for refractometer. For all our instruments we supply PTB traceable and certified standards.

Our range of automation systems

WLAN Adapter for process control

App controlled connectivity

Aquisys Software

Intelligent Laboratory Software

Certified Reference Material – Sugar

Temperature compensated sugar reference solution with different concentrations 

Certified reference material for refractometers

Calibration of refractometers at 589 nm

Sample compartment cover

Refractometer sample room lids

Solid sample cover

Refractometer fixation for solid samples

VariRef – Flow through pump

Peristaltic pump for automated filling

VariRef – Sample Room Covers

Sample compartment lid and inserts


as 7'' capacitive touch display or portable tablet

Applications for factory automation systems

A fast and accurate analysis of important process parameters is decisive to guarantee optimal process performance for sugar factories. The on-line process analysis enables continuous process control in order to be able to react fast to control or regulate the process in contrast to the time shifted and complicated laboratory determinations.

The automatic value determination results in a higher analysis frequency. 

Sugar Factories

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