VariPol Series

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  • Especially designed for pharmaceutical applications
  • Peltier system for automatic temperature control
  • 21 CFR part 11 ready
  • Energy saving durable LED's

Basic polarimeter especially designed for pharmaceutical

The new VariPol Series from Schmidt + Haensch offers a portfolio of polarimeteres especially designed for pharmaceutical applications. The series ranges from a compact base model to a high-end research instrument.

All models offer a high quality build-in peltier system for automatic temperature control. Furthermore they are 21 CFR part 11 ready and equipped with energy saving durable LEDs.

The resolution of all VariPol models is in complete conformity to the European and American Pharmacopeia. GLP/GMP conform data can be transferred to printer, PC or a LIMS. In addition to 3 USB, a serial and a LAN interfaces all polarimeters can be equipped with interfaces on demand such as ModBus, CanBUs, W-LAN and more.

Applications often used

  • Determination of concentration
  • Purity analysis
  • Quality control
  • Scientific analysis
  • Pharmaceuticals (alkaloids, amino acids, organic compounds, vitamins, essential oils, antibiotics, serums)
  • Chemicals (organic fluids, biopolymers, synthetic and organic polymers, benzene, acids, esters, etc.)
  • Research (analysis of molecular structure, investigation of kinetic reactions as function of time, distinction of optical isomers, monitoring changes in concentration of an optically active component in a reaction mixture as in enzymatic scission)


As the interference filters, which are used in circle polarimeters, suffer from age- and environment depending alteration, it might be necessary to check the wavelength accuracy periodically and to readjust the wavelength in case it’s out of range. This can be done with sucrose solutions or quartz control plates since the optical properties of sucrose solution and quartz are almost identical. Sucrose solutions are not very stable and have to be renewed regularly. Checking a polarimeter by a quartz plate is a much more reliable method.

Quartz control plates are long-term stable examination standards for polarimeter. The sample room of Schmidt + Haensch polarimeter permits the vertical movement of quartz control plates as well as the free rotation (±360°) around their own axis. Only by a rotation it is possible to check if the plates are mounted without strain and permit an examination of the polarimeter according to processing regulations of international standards like ICUMSA and OIML.



Main specifications

Measurement scales ° Optical rotation, ° Specific rotation, °Z International Sugar Scale, % Concentration (g/mL, g/100mL, g/L), further
scales freely definable
Measuring range ± 89.9°
Resolution 0.001°
Precision ± 0.01° * (VariPol C)
± 0.005° * (VariPol B)
Reproducibility ± 0.01° (VariPol C)
± 0.005° (VariPol B)
Sensitivity Up to OD 3
Wavelength 1 or 2 wavelengths fixed, standard 589 nm, others on request in the range 365 to 882 nm
Measuring time 6 to 8 sec. over the entire measuring range


Temperature measurement NTC sensor
Temperature range 10°C to 40°C
Resolution 0.01°C
Precision ± 0.1°C
Peltier temp. regulation of the sample room 18°C to 25°C (VariPol C)
10°C to 40°C (VariPol B)

Additional information

Measuring tubes Up to 100 mm length; standard tubes micro tubes, compact tubes Material: glass, stainless steel, acid-proof stainless steel
Light source LED, interference filter
Display / Operation 5" capacitive touchscreen, 800 x 480 Pixel
Interfaces / Communication RS232, SH connector, USB, Ethernet, WLAN**
Dimensions 430 x 300 x 160 mm (w x d x h)

Standard models

VariPol C
VariPol B


Standards*** International Pharmacopoeia, OIML, ICUMSA, Australian Standard K157

* Precision refers to physical standard conditions

** Optional

*** Specific standard depends on application and the country it is used in. Details on request.

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