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Our range of automation systems

Schmidt.+ Haensch ATR-BR
Compact Refractometer
UniPol V – Digital Polarimeter
UniPol V – Digital Polarimeter
VariPol - Polarimeter for pharmaceutic applications
VariPol – Polarimeter
Modular Polarimeter for Pharma & more
ATR L Dispersion Refractometer
Multi-wavelength Measurements
High Performance Refractometer
The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH AutoDosage for fast and easy sample preparation in your laboratory.
AutoDosage® universal dosing system
Automatic Dosing and Dilution for Laboratories
AutoFilt® Z
Automatic Filtration - chemical free
Coloromat® 100
Spectrophotometer for Color Measurement
DHR - Handheld refractometer by S+H
Handheld Refractometer
iPR B3
Inline Brix Refractometer
Hygenic Design Process Refractometer
Inline Process Refractometer with Certified Hygienic Design
iPR C2
Compact Inline Process Refractometer
iPR EX – Explosion Protected
ATEX inline Measurements
WLAN Adapter for process control
App controlled connectivity
Full-range inline measurements
High-Resolution Refractometer
iCS Concentration Sensor
Customizable process sensor
Ethylene Glycol Sensor
Cooling lubricant sensor
Ash On-line Analyzer
Crystal Sugar Ash Content
On-line purity analyzer
Concentration Measurements of Factory Juices
Ash Color Turbidity Analyzer
Automated Analysis of Ash Content
On-line Titration
Analysis of pH, Alkalinity and Lime 
Polartronic V S+H
Polartronic® V – The Allrounder
High-Performance Circle Polarimeter
Purity Analyzer®
Sugar analysis laboratory
Saccharoflex 2020
Reflectance colorimeter
Saccharomat® V
Sugar Polarimeter - Saccharimeter
Aquisys Software
Intelligent Laboratory Software
Calibration standards
Sugar color determination
Celite filter aid
Clarcel CBL or Filter Cel
Certified Reference Material – Sugar
Temperature compensated sugar reference solution with different concentrations 
Certified reference material for density meters
Density meter standards
Certified reference material for refractometers
Calibration of refractometers at 589 nm
Chemical resistant flow-through tube
Flow-through chemical measurements
Cuvette adapter
Cuvette adapter for Colorimeter
Filter pads
Whatman® qualitative filter paper
Flow-through tube
Tubes with funnel and riser for Polarimeter and Coloromat®
Flow-through tube thermostatable
Tubes with funnel and riser for Polarimeter and Coloromat®
Flow-through tube with integrated temperature sensor
Tubes with funnel and riser for Polarimeter and Coloromat®
Glass tube with bubble trap
Glass sample tubes for polarimeters
iCS Bypass
Bypass for process sensors
Optical glass cuvettes
Rectangular cuvette in various sizes
Precision balances
Accessory for AutoDosage automatic dosage system
Quartz control plates
Calibration for Polarimeters
Sample compartment cover
Refractometer sample room lids
Silent oil compressor
Clarcel CBL or Filter Cel
Solid sample cover
Refractometer fixation for solid samples
Polarimeter tubes
VariPol flow-through tube
Flow-through polarimetric measurements
VariPol flow-through tube funnel
Flow-through with funnel and riser
VariPol tube
Stainless steel tube for single measurements
VariRef – Flow through pump
Peristaltic pump for automated filling
VariRef – Sample Room Covers
Sample compartment lid and inserts
as 7'' capacitive touch display or portable tablet
VariVent in-line housing
Hygienic valve housing
VariVent in-line housing 90°
Hygienic valve housing with angle
VariDens – Density meter
Density and concentration measurement
VariRef – Refractometer
Full-range Refractometer

Applications for factory automation systems

A fast and accurate analysis of important process parameters is decisive to guarantee optimal process performance for sugar factories. The on-line process analysis enables continuous process control in order to be able to react fast to control or regulate the process in contrast to the time shifted and complicated laboratory determinations.

The automatic value determination results in a higher analysis frequency. 

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